Volumetric clouds, change values at runtime / make it not break at night.

Hi, I recently upgraded to 4.25, one of the features I wanted to use were volumetric clouds.
I have now implemented these and gotten a decent look going without performance issues, but I have a day and night cycle in my scene and it appears the volumetric clouds don’t like nighttime too much. When the sun goes below the terrain, they go brighter as they get “lit” up from underneath, rather than gray/dark/dull as the light goes weaker. At the very lowest point of the sun rotation, it also suddenly goes completely black.

The best solution for me would be to just have the clouds fade out towards night, letting the player see the clear night sky. But I cannot seem to get the variables to make a difference at runtime.
I have tried to “set bias” and “set opacity” through my level blueprint, but I suspect this only modifies the default values of the clouds, and not how it uses them once it’s already running as they do nothing.

Any suggestions on what I can do to make these work with my nighttime setting?

Hi, I’d made and Sky with volumetric clouds and a day simulation in c++, and I had the same problem, and the solution for me was pretty easy, I set both the sun and the moon as Atmosphere Sun light, and then I set the Atmosphere Sun Light Index to 0 on the Sun and 1 to the Moon.