Volumetric Cloud With Translucent Material

Because my work is use unreal for Film,I have a VFX with Translucent billboard.But When i drag the Effect inside the Volumetric Cloud I found the Emissive Translucent Material Always Render above the cloud,no problem with Opaque of course.So i check the DeferredShaingRenderer.cpp from source code and found that Volumetric Cloud Pass is before the translucent Pass.Even i write the translucent Depth to custom depth i can`t fixed that.Is there any solution help me to solve this problem?

You don’t need to do that. There is a switch “Apply cloud fogging” in the translucent material settings that you can set so it will check if it is behind clouds. It will look a bit strange if the translucent material is 100+ meters large, but otherwise it works great.

source: https://www.reddit.com/r/unrealengine/comments/sjap33/volumetric_cloud_transparency_issue/