Volumetric cloud questions

Hi everyone, I’m quite new to UE and making the jump from In house engines and Unity, so far loving Unreal :slight_smile:

I have two questions that I need help from the community if at all possible:

  1. I have been using the new volumetric cloud actor (EU 4.26 preview) and so far am getting awesome results, however I can’t seem to get shadows to cast from the clouds onto my landscape. I have ticked pretty much everything that says shadows on the light. I have raytracing on by default.

  2. I have loaded up the awesome paint clouds blueprint example, in the youtube video I can see somebody clearly painting into this blueprint and clouds updating in realtime. how does one begin to paint these? I have tried all the paint modes (vertex,texture,weights) and can’t achieve this.

Thanks for any help its much appreciated.


  1. You have to run the project, either using play in editor or probably building the project

But it looks like he is doing it in editor here no?

Yes? Like I said… use PIE

Thanks Arkiras, I didn’t realize you needed to hit play blueprints… Bit different from Unity. But all works now thank you :slight_smile: