Volume Light Suddenly Not Working; Level Looks Totally Different

Hey all

I sadly don’t have a before/after screenshot for this, just an after - but I pulled up my small level I was building last night, and suddenly everything was super outrageously bright, and I had to bring in a post process volume and change the metering to make it workable and now and I can’t get the exponential height fog to cast proper volume shadows anymore. The window in my screenshot was previously casting a really lovely ray of volumetric shadows off my directional light, and now all I can get is a room full of fog or no fog. I tried bringing in a spotlight and that was also casting really undefined volumetric shadows off the window. Any idea what the issue might be? PS I’ve tried recreating it in a new level and even a new project and am still having the same issue. Using engine version 4.25

Thank you!

Upon further inspection, this seems to be exacerbated, or perhaps even created by, setting my RHI to DX12 and turning on Raytracing. Turning off Raytracing but leaving my RHI at DX12 seems to give me proper volume shadows.

PS, I’m using all dynamic lights and forced no precomputed lighting is on. I am, however, now experiencing this issue with my volume lighting: