Vol Fog visibility on landscapes


I have a directional light. There is no skylight. Why am I seeing volumetric fog in both lit and shadowed areas?

Edit: Looks like landscapes don’t occlude directional light contribution to vol fog. Directional light is behind the mountain in this shot. Can anyone confirm if this is a bug or I’m missing something?

I believe volumetric fog only takes shadowing from Cascades, distance fields do not effect volumetric fog.

I’m not using distance fields. It’s a directional light with both CSM and far shadow cascades set to 4.

Volumetric fog will be entirely unshadowed outside of the cascade shadow range so it will always look fully unshadowed from the distance unless you have your cascade distance set to something crazy high.

UE4 desperately needs heightfield-based distant shadow cascade.


Does “Far Shadow Cascades” not count as cascade shadows?

Not sure tbh, have not tested with far shadows

I really did not check, but I suspect volumetrics might be ignoring far shadow cascade. Try switching it off and stretching regular shadow distance. My post was a general whine about far shadow for landscape possibly being based on raymarching landscape heightmap, rather than rendering shadow depths.