Voice acting?

I was just wondering if that is a thing devs on this site are looking for? o.o
Im by no means professional or experienced, but I wouldn’t mind reading scripts for the fun of it. (no money involved)
I also don’t have a resume or catalogue of example pieces to show off, but if you leave an example of something you would want voiced over and the context of how it should be read, i’d be more than happy to post a video response after work. ^.^

*I also wanted to point out that I don’t care if it’s a small are big project. Im just putting this out there for the fun of it.
(and also to see if I have any talent in voice acting since it’s kind of a dream of mine)
#Johnny yong bosch is my hero <3

I’m sure there are people who need this, but you would be better off posting in the “Got Skills? Looking for Talent?” thread.

That said, your post makes it sound like you have never done ANY voicework before, which doesn’t make it sound like it actually IS a dream of yours. Have you tried doing any acting? :slight_smile:

It’s embarrassing to say, but the only acting i’ve done is while watching subtitled anime. If I think I can do a voice that will fit the character, i’ll read the subtitles in that voice or try to improv my own lines, since most of the time the subtitles don’t fit the characters mouth movements. I did make a fandubbing of a class release for a game called dragon nest, and got complimented by many of the forum goers there, but i deleted the video when I quit the game a few months back.

Yeah I figured that would have been a better place to post, but I didn’t want to mislead anyone. Like, for the time being, im looking for a “random soldier C” type of part, if you catch my drift. I don’t want to even try going for supporting or lead characters until I get something under my belt.

Anyway, I should at least put something out to show what I got. I’ll do a video demonstration of some of the voices I can do, when I get a chance.

That’s cool, not embarassing. It’s all about experimenting, finding out what you can do.

Is there an equivalent today of radio plays? That sounds a good place to start. Podcasting maybe?

Anyway, good luck with the VA stuff!

Well, I worked up the courage to make a video displaying what I can do.

Any good? o.o

That is pretty decent, though it needs some work in order for it to feel less like an act. I think you have some pretty good potential in VA if you keep working on it.

Thank you! I’ll keep on working on it. ^.^

This is my Morgan Freeman voice, I also made some cool UT2004 stuff, only just started my channel today xD

Starting at 1:00 - sounds like a goblin :smiley:

Could use something like that. If you’d like to impersonate a goblin, just PM me :wink:

Im back again, this time with a better microphone. :slight_smile:
I need feedback guys.
How was my performance?

Ok as you’re open feedback let me ask, how many times did you record this, how many takes etc?

Overall its fine, but I suspect you need to work on your pacing / delivery a little more to make it sound more deliberate (tighter). I recommend you record this again 3-5 times in a single sitting without breaks, and try and nail it each time consistently so it sounds more deliberate, with each phrase fitting in better…

By the way, feel free to use a camera and record yourself and use gestures / props and anything else that helps consume you into the role. While this is VA play it as if its a full-stage performance…

Thanks for the tips, will give them all a try. :slight_smile:

Well you do need to work on emotion, you kind of sounded like just guy who can’t speak up, very dull. Also I agree with frank, and while this may sound slightly odd but you should voice act in front of a mirror once in awhile to see the expressions you’re making and work on your emotion. Voice act in front of your friends, and most of all find where your voice works. There was a “voice actor” in the job forums awhile back and her voice absolutely did not work and she was bland like she was bored with the dialogue when it came to commercials, games, and so on but worked super well with a children’s cartoon voice of a squirrel (weird I know). Voice acting requires you to become the character like you would a movie except you’re not standing on stand you could say.

Lol, you are quite the critique I’ve noticed, good thing too.

I’m not sure that video choice is helping you here. In the video Link is showing no emotion through either his movement or facial expressions, which makes the VA’s job monumentally harder. Try a more expressive cutscene from a recent game perhaps? The voice must sound natural and not like it’s being read from a script (difficult). Lastly, enunciate! Every crack in your voice, change of pitch or mispronunciation will be picked up by a good mic.

I would first break up large dialogues into shorter ones and join them up paying particular attention to continuity. Then when your voice adjusts to this kind of stress, take a stab at the lengthier dialogues.

Oh, drama class and choir will be great for you to do if you want to improve but choir yes I get it you are singing but you are learning to control your voice and tone. Drama would help you learn to in general learn how to act or be someone else even though you are on stage its befitting because you using voice work as well.

Google Voice Acting videos too: Hotel Transylvania 2: Behind the Scenes of Voice Acting Matched with Movie | ScreenSlam - YouTube