Vive vs Oculus Buying Advice (For Those Who Have Used Them In UE)

So I am thinking about buying a VR headset after watching all the cool UE editing being done in VR and have a few questions…

  1. Is the VR scene editing better than using a mouse? For those of you who have tried both - which do you prefer?

  2. Which is better for using with UE - Rift or Vive? I know RoboRecall is Oculus-only… but that is does not mean oculus is preferred or better supported does it?

Thanks for any feedback/advice

I yet have to use VR editor, but generally:

Rift IMO has better support in UE, since Oculus uses Unreal Engine for internal development. Valve seems more Unity focused an the Oculus integration with UE is much better than Vive.
Rift is more comfortable. In case you’re doing to use the headset daily, it can make a difference. I also used Vive only for months without discomfort, so I’m not saying Vive is discomforting or anything. But since i have choice between Rift and Vive, i prefer Rift, and everyone else at my studio as well.
Rift is cheaper.
Vive has generally better tracking and supports larger play-area.

RoboRecall is Rift exclusive because Oculus paid all the development costs (estimated at 9-10M USD), has nothing to do with the headset quality or support.

Even though I developing for VR (only) at the moment, most of the time I prefer NOT putting on the headset. In fact, I think it worth the effort to create Pawn specifically to test your game without the need to wear the HMD. So…

  1. NO, I prefer 2D monitor and mouse. Everyday of the week.
  2. Never tried Vive myself. But from what I’ve heard, Rift is sliiiightly more comfortable (and lighter).

I think if you’re just curious, it might not be worth to buy VR headset just to use it in Unreal. The excitement do wears down, FAST.
However, if you already have idea/wanted to create games or apps in VR in the first place, then that’s another story.
If you wanna get one anyway, I’d say go with the Rift (comfort) …unless the tracking quality is your main concern, like ENiKS mentioned.

PS. I’m working mostly in Blueprint so might not apply the same way if you’re doing purely Level (art) Design. Though I probably still prefer NOT having some heavy object attached to my face while I’m working regardless. Especially since I tend to work long hours…

Personal advice, always avoid Oculus.

Thanks for feedback!

Looks like Rift is now on sale too…

Bad advice based on stupidity…

Generally I have found the Rift to be easier with UE4 as it seems to be better supported, that said I haven’t used a Vive with UE4 in 6 months so they may have improved it.

Now that the Rift price has come down again for the Rift and Touch bundle - it’s come down from $600 to a ridiculous bargain of $400 - getting a Rift over a Vive is a no-brainer. In fact, imo, even at $600 the Rift was a much better buy. The Rift has sharper and clearer displays, a larger sweet spot, less SDE, more comfortable to wear, great quality built-in headphones and better designed motion controllers with finger tracking.

The Vive has more room for glasses wearers, a slightly larger FOV and less noticeable god rays.

The quality of the better displays and optics is the biggest difference for me personally, it’s not night and day by any means but you’ll notice the difference particularly when it comes to the SDE.

It’s $400 for the next 6 weeks so you’ll be paying half the price for (imo) the better HMD and motion controls, although you’ll need to get a third sensor to match the Vive’s tracking for Room Scale VR.

With the current price you should most probably get a Rift.

Rift advantages:

  • Lower price
  • Better touch controllers
  • Better general comfort
  • Several free high quality games

Vive advantages:

  • Glasses fits better
  • Better and easier to set up room scale tracking.
  • More third party and experimental add-ons.

If you’re interested in room scale where you can move around the room whilst in VR, vive is a good option, and support for it it great in UE4. On the other hand if you want to save money, oculus is really cheap right now so that could be a good option if you’re not worried about room scale.

Keep it civil please folks.

“Room Scale” is kind of a nebulous term, Oculus could track a room with one sensor as long as the markers aren’t blocked, it’s just that the Vive tracking system is much less likely to obscure the sensors.

Actually Room Scale is quite possible with just 2 sensors in opposing corners, albeit with a wee bit of occlusion. If you get a third sensor there’s practically no difference between Room Scale with a Rift and Room Scale with a Vive apart from the Vive tracking over a larger area. Anything equal to or over 4m x 4m needs a Vive or a Rift with 4 sensors.

I’ve been trying to develop a VR-only game for the past 2.5 months using a Vive.
For the most part no terrible problems. Also, the developer of the VRExpansionPlugin has been working with Vive for longer than most I’d imagine.

I’ve never used a rift in the UE4 editor, so I can’t speak to that.

However, ever since upgrading to 4.16 through to 4.16.2, I’ve noticed some problems with Steam VR complaining about multiple instances of the game running (despite the fact only one is), along with other minor issues that impede development; forcing me to shutdown the Editor and SteamVR in order to fix. (May be a prob with my setup, but SteamVR is up to date, and my workflow hasn’t changed. Just thought it important to mention , because it is a bit frustrating now for me.)

Get whichever is cheaper. Both function the same way for the purposes of VR development.

I haven’t used my Vive since Touch arrived. I find the Rift a lot easier to put on and off which is pretty important, also integrated headphones is handy. Also the trackpad vs analogue sticks is something to think about if you want to use either in your project.

Great price for the Rift at the moment as well.

I had a little look at the VR editor a while ago, it seems pretty cool. I’ve actually made most things I want in my project editable in game already so not really used it much though.

Vive could be used very well for room-scale and sit-down VR out of the box. If you need more sensors and extra controllers or whatever you have to count into the price as well.
I’ve tested both with UE4 and both work well. Rift is nice. But if I would create some roomscale VR game then I would use Vive. It was created for kind of VR (including controllers from beginning) and the room scale tracking is amazing. There are still very few VR users (and it seems it’s not exploding soon) … there are some with Vive (that already got everything for roomscale when you buy from first day) and there are some with Rift DK2… and there are some with Rift final with Xbox controller and there are some with Rift that own touch … and maybe there are even a few that own Rift and touch and a second sensor or third sensor. If you create game for Vive you could put it on Steam and both (Rift+touch+2nd-sensor users and Vive users) should be able to be your customer. There would be some that own Rift and touch and a second sensor but still don’t like your game because they don’t like… fantasy… or lasers or… arcarde or… whatever type of game.