Vive Vr MotionController not tracking 4.18.2

i searched around and made around 13 different tutorials and solutions to my problem. i found non.

i have a fps example where i want to see my motion controller whe i use my hmd (vive)

problem is : they just dont track the position, the buttons works perfect.

i tried importing all BP from the VR example, doesn’t work
i tried to import the inputsettings of the VR example, doesn’t work
i tried to some ways from scratch, doens’t work

my project now has a certain size, way to big to start import every asset in the VR example.

i tried to open a new fps example and try the same but i come over the same problems.

do i do somethign wrong? did i forget something?


The standard FPS template is already set for VR, but to enable the use of Motion Controllers you have to edit the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint and set to true the Using Motion Controllers? boolean variable. With that done, you should have the gun parented to the right motion controller and thus visible. The left motion controller has no visible mesh by default, but you can try to parent a sphere to it. It should become visible as well.