[Vive][VR Editor] - How to change interface and functionality of VR Editor? Change the default GUI

Question 1: Where in the source is it located the VR Editor’s Graphical User Interface, (when using HTC Vive) ?
-I would like to add LeapMotion functionality into the VR Editor’s Interface
-I would like to add BLUI into VR Editor Interface for looking things up, watching Youtube Tutorials, downloading assets

Question 2: Where in the source is it possible to add or modify the interface using Blueprints?
-Modify VR Editor Interface, but not by using source - instead use Blueprints and Hot Load back into VR Editor. That way if people wanted to modify the interface, it would not involve leaving the VR Editor.

kind of meta, kind of cool

And now back to answer my own question, and share with anyone else interested:


Needed to make the dual red light sabers less bright :smiley: