[VIVE] VR Components Plugin

Heya guys,

I just converted my C++ VR Components to a Plugin:

GitHub - 1runeberg/RunebergVRPlugin: Unreal Engine Blueprint & C++ VR interaction functions (pre-configured VR Pawn & Grab/Push/Pull, Move, Teleport, Gestures recording & recognition component) for your VR projects. Get up & running quickly with your VR experience or game with this comprehensive plugin for UE4 (formerly

All functions are exposed to Blueprint and this conversion to a plugin should make it easy to include into your own Blueprint or C++ VR Projects.

You can download the demo project from the GitHub repo above. I still need to revise the documentation a bit but will also be submitting this to the Marketplace for free. But if you want the source code, its up in the repo.

Any questions, just let me know and code contributions welcome.


Cool, just a little look and was wondering if you’re doing anything in c++ that can be done in c++ only (like dealing with late updates of the controllers) or did you choose to do it in c++ just for the speed and obfuscation factor?

Oh and you might want to chuck the description from the gitHub into your post above so people don’t have to go rummaging around to see what your plugin does.

Oh and one more thing, in your plugins .uplugin file you’ll need to set the type to Runtime so that your components get included in a packaged build :slight_smile:

HI Mitch,

Thanks for the feedback! Forgot to switch that to Runtime, thanks. Had a couple of hours last night to do the migration so it’s all fairly new and havent had the chance to revise the readmes from the old version, wil lhopefully complete this by today and have a submission ready for the Marketplace.

I used C++ for speed, extensibility, reuseability and to ensure a “clean” BP project for devs especially if the project is to scale, I feel BP projects are “spaghetti” enough without adding another layer of common VR stuff on top. For those who can go down and dirty to C++ it also offers a lot of flexibility and control although I tried to open up as much options as I could in the BP interface. Time permititng hoping toexpand it more or perhaps integrate with the engine code.