(VIVE) Using motion controllers and vive trackers

Hello guys,

i already have prototiped a soccer game that can be used with motion controllers attached to the feet, and now i would like to add support to vive trackers.
For my current alpha i modified the original BP_MotionController to use a shoe as a mesh instead of the hand. So in that way i can attach my controllers to my feet and see the shoe.

Now what i want to do is the following:

  • if there are any trackers connected, use them as replacement for the motion controllers and let the motion controllers behave as they usually do.

Any ideas? thanks in advance!

  • Use GetValidTrackedDeviceIDs to detect number of connected Vive Trackers
  • for the determined number, in MotionController components used for feet change MotionSource to Special_N

Hi @YuriNK, thanks for the response! Understood the theorical part but not working in my bp for the second part that is branching the conteollers for the hands and for the feet.
thanks in advance

So where is the problem? You can use GetValidTrackedDeviceIDs to check what controllers and trackers are available and then bind all of them to hands and feet in any desired layout.