Vive trackpad movement

I have a third person VR project where I’m moving the main character with the thumb stick on the Oculus. I just tried testing this on a Vive and found while it works, moving the character by just touching the Vives trackpad is very hard.

I would like to move when the vive trackpad is pressed down., not just touched This is not shown in the input bindings, only touch.

How would I go about adding this to the Vive bindings, while not breaking the oculus touch binding?

SteamVR doesn’t seem to support that in a single input, so you likely will have to add extra logic to handle it.

The best option might be to add two extra actions, one for getting the trackpad position, and one for checking the pressed status. Then have both the original thumbstick action and the trackpad action affect the player movement, but have the trackpad one toggled by the pressed action. That way you can bind the different actions to different types of controllers without having to do checks on what is currently being used, as well as give users the ability to rebind things as they see fit.