Vive Tracker Pogo Pins - are they useable at all?

Hello everyone,

I am rather new to VR development and was intrigued by these pogo pins on Vive Trackers, however after some days of research I found very little information on how to actually use them. More often than not I’ve read that UE crashes when trying to use the pins as input.
It seems their support has been discontinued as I’ve read repeatedly that SteamVR broke something?
I came across this thread but have not been able to make it work.
Next I found this repo but I am not sure if that works well for what I am trying to accomplish.
I found some tutorial for Unity and I tried following it to see if the pins work at all but the SteamVR plugin changed and uses different scripts which do not seem to support the tracker in the same capacity.
Am I overlooking some crucial detail or is it simply not possible (anymore) to receive input from the pins? And if it still is possible, how? I am working with the UE4.19, but it still is possible to upgrade if necessary. The only thing I figured out is the tracking of an actor with the tracker.

It still works, we just used it in a 4.21 project for the trigger input. If you are still struggling hit me up and I can provide you some sample.

Here is an article I wrote that can help on how to use Vive trackers with Unreal Engine 4.24: Getting started with the HTC Vive Tracker (Pose + Input via Pogo pins) in Unreal Engine 4.24 - Developer Support - Community Forum