Vive Tracker - Not in a Pawn

Hi there !

I’ve tried to use a Vive Tracker to track the position of a real object, but since this object does not belong to a specific Player and I intend to support multiple Players in the same room (10x10 meters), it seemed logical to make it an Actor Blueprint.
So, in that BP, I added a Motion Controller Component, source Special 1, put a Static Mesh Component as a child, with a nice pink-ish cube, and… the cube didn’t move. Nothing, nada.
I tried a lot of things, thinking the problem came from SteamVR Input, so I was digging deep, modifying .json files and whatnot, with no luck.

Finally, I tried to do what everyone else does : adding the Motion Controller Component, along with its Static Mesh Child, into the MotionControllerPawn Blueprint (from VR Template), and it worked straight away.

So my question is the following : is there a way to make a Motion Controller work outside a Pawn ?

Thank you.

So, it’s possible to use a Pawn Blueprint, instead of an Actor, under the condition that the Pawn is possessed by an IA, even if the IA does nothing at all.
If it is not possessed, it won’t work.

That’s better than using the Player Pawn. It kind of breaks the logic of the Engine though, from my point of view (Actor, Player Character, Pawn, etc.), but I didn’t find another way to do it in BP.