vive tracker in non vr mode ?

i need to use a vive tracker or controller, in a “normal” Unreal project.

i know how to do it in Vr mode but the shading of my scene is not as good as in the normal one.

that’s my scene in non vr mode : Dynamixyz Real-Time in Unreal - YouTube

i want to attach a vive controller to move the head in this scene, but i dont want to be in Vr ( the shader dont look the same after i import this head level in a Vr scene).

any idea please ?


could you find an answer to this? having the same issue. Ive been using trackers on VR without issues, but its the first time on a non vr project and cant make it work…

you don’t need to use the vr template or anything like that. In your project just enable steam vr plugin and thats it.