[VIVE] Touchpads and using them with blueprint?

I am trying to use the touchpads to drive a spinning wheel (that is located on the same place as the touchpad)
Similar to how those labelguns operate:

However i have no clue on how to set up the controller (or touchpad) properly so i can detect the inputs, (be it mapped to a XY grid or as a rotation vector with radius)
Are there ways to get the input of the touchpad for driving these objects?

Just an idea maybe try a blueprint math expression and see if you can do a FMath::CartesianToPolar ??
(btw I have no idea how the Vive controller outputs its inputs :))
EDIT: Or if its not available in BP maybe you can use the expression node and piece it together yourself? Polar and Cartesian Coordinates
You might also have to try to do some kind of rate-of-change calculation as I imagine using the polar coordinates straight might not be ideal?


You can get the X and Y axis of the Touchpad as a float. Right click and search for “MotionController (R) Thumbstick X” like wise for Y and (L). This data bases at 0 if there is no touch whatsoever, so keep that in mind.

You can take that float and apply it to a rotation perhaps of the spinner if it is a separate mesh.


Great to see it can just link to the “thumbstick” imput. Is there also a way to detect if the touchpad is touched, or only by checking if the coordinates are 0,0 ?

For the touchpad touched, you’re looking for Steam Touch 0 and 1, for left and right respectively.