Vive Touchpad Movement with controller forward vector?


I’m trying to set up a movement system where the character is moved based on the input from the Vive motion-controller touch-pad, except the character then moves based on the forward vector of the controller, rather than in the world.

If I just make a vector from the thumb-stick values it moves relative to the world X & Y, I just can’t seem to get it to work with the forward vector replacing the world’s ‘forward vector’. I know I need to either rotate it around something, or add the right values together but I can’t work it out. Any Ideas?

well this seems to have worked…

Not quite sure why the x and y inputs are swapped but it works so I’m happy…

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That is excatly sthing what I am looking for. Would like to smoohtly move VRPawn using trackpad on motion controller.
Are you able to share all blueprint?

Can i ask where you connected it to? I am using the VR template and dont really know in wich blueprint to manipulate to get the pawn to move. ( I am a noob btw)

This is in a Pawn Blueprint. In the components tab there is a character movement component, which means the ‘Add movement Input’ Node (shown in the original question ^^) can be used, so the vector from the above ‘rotate vector’ component plugs into there. This is done off the event tick node, with a branch statement. When the player presses down on the controller it is set to true.

Thanks for reply! (sry for being late). I got the forward vector to follow the controller rotation (see blueprint) but i cant seem to make any of the touchpads inputs register. I have sett them all up as input axis but nothing seems to be working.
I can move fine with the facebuttons keyboard but i want to use the touchpad.
I havent worked with event tic nodes before do you need it to use inputs such as the touchpad?

Hi, thank you for the thread, it’s going to be very useful for me :slight_smile:

When I was working on projectile class in example FPS project, I’ve noticed that X is actually the local Forward axis of the rifle and spawned projectile.

I guess the axes are not swapped per se, X may be Pawn’s local Forward axis, and you use that local Forward to apply translation.