Vive Template: Character offset when switching levels

Hi Guys,

I’ve been playing around with the VR template for a little while and been trying level streaming.
I’ve created a small blueprint that lets me toggle between the sub levels.
The first level which the player starts in is a small room with a normal floor mesh and the second level is a landscape terrain generated in UE4.
When I toggle to the second level with the Vive on it knocks the camera up and prevents any movement.
Both levels are in the same place and the second level has nothing but the terrain so collision shouldn’t be a problem…
Does anyone know what this might be?

Here’s the blueprint that changes the level.

And here’s the landscape that it teleports to.

Since adding the floor mesh in I’ve gotten a result where the player can move but it still offsets the player higher than the ground level? I enabled visible collision in the image. Not sure if any of this helps?

I figured it out, the controller needed to be in persistent rather than one of the sub-levels.