[VIVE] Switch between VR mode and non VR mode during gameplay

Hi all,
I am found many answers how to do this with Oculus (with HMD mirror etc.), but is there any solution how to switch between VR mode and standard non VR mode in game play on HTC Vive?

Thanks a lot for any help or link =o).

Hi Isik - did you find out how to do this? Or does anyone else know and can post an answer?
I would have thought something like this would be better documented but a lot of people are asking the same question on the forum and I can’t seem to find the answer anywhere !

I know you can launch the engine with vr on or off using -vr in the console command when launching the app/game. But I want to be able to set this at runtime using code/blueprint. Is it possible?

ExecuteConsoleCommand(stereo on/stereo off)

I found nothing. This command below is working only for Oculus, not HTC Vive.

It should work for Vive. Remember you can turn on stereo rendering only in a packaged project or in a VR Preview.

I am assume you guys have solved it, but in case you haven’t then here is my solution to switch between pawns.

Player controller:
First create 2 functions “VrConsoleCommands” and “NonVrConsoleCommands”

Then in the player controller create an event to handle the vr/pawn switch


And here is the game mode

Hi, thanks for your script but the truth is that I have not heard much, where you get the VrPawn, defaultPawn and Old Pawn? The same doubt for the GetSpawnTransform … and the variable Specific Player that type of variable is. I just can not connect it and I’m a little lost. Thank you very much!

Very useful. Thanks for sharing!

I’m sorry this reply is about a year old.
The pawns you are referring to are variables I set in the code.