Vive premier - it's happening?

I’ve bumped into this thread

Seems pretty solid =]

I saw that yesterday as well. It is exciting times.

Heck yeah, I hope it’s real. I’m probably going to take the day off just to sit at the computer and refresh various sites in order to get one of the early units.

For me the thought of solid 360 degree tracking is just awesome. I’m also excited to see if we can get small generic lighthouse tracker modules made, for e.g., attaching to elbows and feet or other objects.

This is what I’m waiting for. I want lighthouse to guide me towards my physical self!

I’m ready. I built a desk specifically to fit my play space, and computer is on the wall with a “to be designed” cable manager… I sure hope it’s a little bit longer than on the devkit though, and if the cable jacks could rotate I would be doing pirouettes.