vive pre front facing camera in ue4

How do you enable the camera feed? Similar to passthrough with LeapMotion.

The settings have to be enabled within the SteamVR application. Open up your compositor, go to settings, find the camera tab, and then check the “enable” button and tick off any additional options you’d like to see. Then you’ll need to start SteamVR, which means any instances of UE4 will shut down. Once you reboot, you’ll see the camera overlay near the edges of your play space.

I disabled the steam overlay because I too often accidentally clicked the steam overlay button. So even though your suggestion may work, it is not ideal. I imagine someone has an idea on how to access that camera, but I am not sure even where to begin looking in the code.

Hi, did you fix this? Looking forward to your reply~

Hi, here’s an explanation:

It seems like you have to access VIVE camera as any other webcam, which can be done with the plugin mentioned in the post.

Actually there is an inline interface in OpenVR for the camera, IVRCamera which can poll into the data stream without interrupting other uses of it.