Vive optimization tips & tricks?

Now that we finally have our Vive we’re facing the increased performance demands of the hardware.

We had stable 75fps for the DK2, but of course these optimizations are not enough for the Vive.

Are there any new console commands that can help boosting the performance? Some cool stuff that was introduced in 4.11?

Do you know where your bottleneck is? Stat Unit, GPU Profiler and CPU Profiler will help you figure that out.

Unlike Oculus, hmd sp x doesnt work with the Vive, instead use r.screenpercentage x. By default the sp is supersampled to 140%. Try setting it to 100 and see how much that helps.

If your not already using all the recommended VR optimizations, check out Tom’s blog for some great info on these:

Forgot to mention, be sure to enable Instanced Stereo Rendering in project settings if you haven’t already done so.

NobleSpoon, Sir, you are a life saver! Where did you find that information? We have a lot of optimization commands, but nothing helped. Now replaced the hmd sp with r.screenpercentage - that was the missing piece, we have smooth 90 fps now. Thank you!

This was just one of those things I figured out through trial and error from working with the Vive over the past couple of months. If the 100sp is getting you to 90FPS, see if you can do 110 or 120sp. Theres some benefits to the supersampling, the most noticeable for me is text clarity.

just a couple of things:
I’ve heard Instanced Stereo Rendering only gives benefits when draw calls are huge ( 500 and above ? ).
other than that sp.EffectsQuality 1 and sp.PostProcessingQuality 1 will get you insane fps gains ( quality will obviously drop dramatically )