[VIVE] Moving without teleport (?)


I’m creating a project and i have succeeded in creating a movement based in teleport [Trigger + Trackpad], but not with a movement that is made through only the ‘trackpad’. [Press “Top” in the trackpad and moving forward, for example.]

You could tell me any tutorial or project where this function is implemented?

Thank you very much!

havent look into this myself but couldn’t you just steal the movement blueprint code from the FPS template and replace the gamepad axis’ with the trackpad of the motion controllers?

Moving in VR is quite um… painful. The player will physically be standing still/in one place and player’s brain will get confused when told that the player is moving in VR. This ends up with dizziness, sweating and vomiting instantly. I’ve once set up basic movement with Vive controllers where player had to jog in real life to move in any direction HMD was pointing at, I was falling over after few secs.

Roughly 20% of players experience motion sickness. Even less motion sickness due to locomotion. I am sorry that you are one of them but developers should not hamstring themselves because of a small amount of users.

Some of those that do get sick intially get used to locomotion over time (like me). Its called getting your VR legs.

Would you share your source please. I do know that some people are more influenced by motion sickness than others, however that doesn’t make the designing stuff easier. You do have to bare that in mind. You wouldn’t want to discourage ANY player from playing your game if they feel sick after 5 - 15 mins of gameplay with hopes of getting used to it over the time. VR movement is all about balancing acceleration and locomotion properly. At first I thought, what’s wrong with moving in VR with either controller or any other kind of input from the player. Once I’ve tried I’ve learnt, and it’s not only me.

I found some cool videos recently where a dev added movement based on swinging your arms like you would when you walk. That seems like possibly a more fluid thing even though a youtube user noted getting sick anyway based on some of the speed in a provided demo. Sadly the dev isnt sharing any code at the moment just videos.

Overall i think there isnt a way right now to solve everyones sickness…best solution i can come up with is have teleporting and a walking method…and hopefully the game can be enjoyable regardless of which option the player choices. I’ve never gotten sick myself as of yet. But i did almost fall over one day sitting on a sliding platform in a demo…so it is interesting to see how easy the human body can be throw off balance.

I agree i’m glad you said this (came here to post this, lol). Its wrong to rule something out that could be amazing for some people, just because it makes some people sick. (i think)
Just provide users with options, and have sensible defaults.

There are things you can do as a dev to help people in this situation as well, it’s not all so clear cut.
Things like reduce fov. Reduce movement on z axis in your level design. Reduce/remove acceleration. Adding some sort of HUD / Cockpit / Grounding that does not rotate all the time with the character can help with orientation.

A real world example, i had horrible experiences with ramps at first. Cut them back to no more than 10 - 15 degrees, and made it so the character walks up them a little bit slower and it is heaps better. Still a bit odd, but much better.
So level design is something that should be thought about here too (notice how raw data does not have any ramps? and is mostly flat, yuh, that’d be why)