Vive Motion Controllers in Multiplayer - NEED HELP

I’m not one to usually ask questions, but I’m pretty stumped here. Working on a multiplayer Vive game - fairly new to UE4.

So, as many know, motion controller components DO NOT work properly in UE4 for multiplayer.
It will mirror the same actions across all players for both client and server.

SO to bypass this, I created a replicated variable for the controller transforms and update it locally for both hands:

THEN, in another function, I use that transform value to update the controller static mesh component positions:

Both of these happen ON TICK in the PAWN

HOWEVER, the problem I’m having now - is everything looks like it works properly from the CLIENT point of view (The server and client controllers are updating properly):

But, from the SERVER point of view, the CLIENT’s controllers are staying at 0,0,0 rotation and location:

Anyone have a workaround for this? I need to pass the transform value from the client to the server, I think…no idea how to do that…completely stumped. Any help would be significantly appreciated!

This has been solved! A kind forum user answered my question over here:

thanks for posting this!