Vive motion controller trigger sensitivity

Using the Vive Motion controllers, there is an audible/tactile click when I pull the trigger all the way. But, in my game it is calling the trigger event a bit earlier than that. Trigger axis reports that Trigger event is called typically between 0.54 and 0.55. I tested this using this setup inside my pawn:

Text render was attached to my motion controller.

After some further testing, I get resistance from the trigger before the click around 0.9, plus minus 0.2. Because of it triggering before the actual click, it can cause it to spam the event for something that shouldnt be happening very often.

Is this a hardware bug? A software issue I can fix? I had made a forum post, but it didnt get any attention.

I made a work around using just trigger axis that sets a bool when axis == 1, and doesnt reset until lower than 0.25, and it seems to work pretty good. But I would think the actual physical click of the trigger with the event pressed/released would do this automatically.