[VIVE] Motion controller map not working

UE4 VR template motion controller map isn’t working for me. Controllers do not respond to movement, they’re stuck somewhere below me. Also, UE4Editor.exe is unresponsive and all I see is the grey/white circle lobby, unless I run the steam VR tutorial once. After I do that, I can run UE4 vr preview once and only once, until all I get to see is the grey lobby again.

Any help is welcome…

Now I’m able to get things working, but it won’t display in the Vive. The compositor is in full screen, the editor has started and is ready (green steam VR text), but I can only see the thing in the small preview window when I hoover over the icon on my taskbar. Occasionally today I was able to get it working properly, but there’s no logic behind it. Both the compositor and the editor vr preview are on the vive extended monitor.

Fixed with a workaround:

1 Launch your UE project

2 Click VR Preview

3 Alt+Tab select your standalone preview window (may skip this step if it’s already selected).

You will find that even when you have selected the preview window, it’s not on your main screen. This is because the window is on the second screen, and therefore the step 4.

4 Keep tabbing (Windows key+ left arrow) until the preview window shows on your main screen.

5 Alt+Tab select your Headset Window (the one with two big red circles)

6 Move your mouse over to the Vive screen and click left mouse button once

7 Lastly, left click on your preview window once. The screen should now show correctly on your HMD.…ive-wands.html

No idea why all these steps are necessary, but at least it’s a reliable workaround on UE 4.17 currently.