Vive Mocap Kit - Support


  1. There are some requirements for skeleton hierarchy: legs and spine should be attached to the same pelvis/hips bone (sometimes they’re in a parallel hierarchy). Root bone on the ground under pelvis is recommended. Orientation of joints co-directed with bones (not like Daz3D skeletons). But within this restrictions all models should work.

  2. You can switch meshes using the same skeleton on runtime just using SkeletalMeshComponent → SetSkeletalMesh. But if they had a different size, it would worsen calibration.

  3. It depends on attachment points of trackers. Arm Span is measured as a distance between trackers attached to hands. You can add some adjustment to get a correct calibration with your positioning: go to BP_CapturePawn2D → CaptureDevice component → Details tab → ArmsCalibrationAdjustment (in centimeters).

  4. Just like p.3, but need to increase ElbowLoweringMltiplier.

P. S. I don’t check this topic often. Please write me at e-mail for support (about custom skeleton, this situation needs investigation).

Sorry I couldn’t send email to you from this area… Everything is blocked.
For Q3, is the ArmsCalibrationAdjustment means the length from the tracker on the arm to the most front point of the middle finger?
And for Q4, is the ElbowLoweringMultiplier is the calculated by upperarm/(upperarm+lowerarm) ?

Also I couldn’t run the package project since it said “couldn’t find plugin SteamVRTrackingLib” and I set the path in Additional Asset Directories to Cook but not work

It’s more complicated about ArmsCalibrationAdjustment, because all skeletons are different. Generally, large value means smaller scale. Increase ArmsCalibrationAdjustment if hands are too long and vice versa.

ElbowLoweringMultiplier makes elbows lower when wrist is closer to torso.

Do you try to package default demo project? Try to move SteamVRTrackingLib from the local Plugins folder to Engine’s Plugins folder (Epic Games/UE_4.26/Engine/Plugins/Marketplace for example).

If Gmail was blocked, you could write at

Following your idea the project packed well. I sent you an email about models, about the skeleton correction