[VIVE][Kinect] world orientation

Hey guys and girls
First off: Noob alert, I know less than John Snow.
I also cant script for ****… bp only.
I’m trying to create a simple vr mirror. Just a small thing to let me look at my digital avatar, but posed with the kinect.
I’ve gone through some tutorials explaining how to set up a vive project from scratch, and this seems to work fine.
I’ve also figured out that the vive and kinect see the world through different eyes, so I’m using the vive hmd position as the root for my kinect joints.
Now all of this works if the vive is set up so that the steam vr room direction is looking towards the kinect sensor.
kinda like so:


Problem is, the prefered way to setup steam vr is to look away from your pc.
When I set my room up in this manner, everything breaks.
I’ve figured out: If i reset the hmd on begin play, the orientation seems fixed if i start the game with the hmd facing towards the kinect sensor.
This breaks the hmd location though, and I end up in the floor.
I suppose I need to create an event that resets the hmd at the press of a button, but how do i just reset the YAW and not the position?
Also is there a better way to do all this?
Even better, has someone done and shared this before?
Thanks for taking the time to help my dumb-*** out