Vive Keyboard/Joystick Movement/Rotation Stutter Issue

Hi all, I’ve been making a project for a stationary VR installation that utilises a joystick built into a sculpture for movement control. I’ve built most of my project but I’m getting some stuttering and jaggedness with the movement, especially rotating left and right. The joystick is essentially mapped to the arrow keys is acting like a keyboard input (using JoytoKey). It doesn’t seem to be my map, as I’ve tested all areas and it is totally smooth when just looking around with the headset, so you can turn your vision to the right with the headset and its perfect, but you turn the player character to the right with the joystick/keys and its can be really stuttery. I looked at my performance and its never hitting about 40-50% on a 4790k CPU, 30% on 32GB of Ram and 40-50% on a 1080 so it can’t be that, does anyone know what it might be? I’ve kinda got a basic grip on UE4 now but pretty much a noob for all the back end and blueprints etc…Thanks!..oh and I’m using 17.2!

My two cents. A keyboard input (even if derived from a joystick input) is basically an binary input (on or off). Depending on how you are handling it, it could lead to a stuttering rotation simply because of its binary nature. There are many ways to smooth it out (e.g. using interpolation or timelines), but I can be more precise only after having seen how you handle your input and translate it to rotation in your Blueprints.

Thanks for your reply, I’m just using the First Person level blueprint preset so the input was set up already. If I play the level without a headset the movement and rotation is smooth, same as the actual preview on-screen of the VR output so would it be that the binary nature of it only affect the headset display and not the actual whole project?

It’s possible but unlikely. What I would do is to implement an alternative rotation using the plain keyboard, just to make sure it is not something in JoyToKey. If that works properly, then you know where to look. Or if the issue happens also with the keyboard, you know it is something related to the VR mode.