Vive input bindings doesnt work 4.24


I’m having problems with new SteamVR input mappings ONLY in packaged game. My custom mapped inputs behave strangely in a packaged game.

Let me explain:

Currently, I have an in-game menu which is mapped to the SHOULDER input button as a Toggle button which means: I click once and the menu shows up, I click again and the menu disappears.

This works as expected in the editor, but in packaged game shoulder button no longer behaves like a toggle button. I need to hold the button in order to keep the menu visible and when I release the button the menu is gone.

The same behavior appears in the Grip button.

Does anyone have an idea how I can fix that because it’s very annoying in the final version of the project and it ruins the experience alot.

Thanks in advance.


I’ve managed to fix this my self.
So when you start a packaged game press the Motion controller menu button> Manage Controller bindings> on Active controller binding choose Custom not default and your custom bindings will work.

I wonder if there is a way to do that automatically?