[VIVE] HTC Vive and Mac OS?

I’m having the worst time getting Vive tracker data recognized in UE 4.24.3 on a mac. I’ve got latest Xcode, got steam updated, running the Steam beta, but nothing. It works a charm on a PC, but can’t get it to work at all on a mac.

When I set up a new project I pick a blank project from film/television/live events template, which has all the right plugins enabled, I believe. Am I missing a step in enabling/configuring? Or using the wrong SteamVR beta?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated

“Tracker data recognized” sounds as if you got further than me. I’m not even able to start the project in VR. All menu items concerning VR are missing or greyed out, although SteamVR is automatically launched each time I open the editor. The same project works fine on Windows.