VIVE - HTC and VALVE join forces

Expect more from GDC 2015

Mark Zuckerberg is gonna get upset lol

Very much so. Especially since the Valve VR headset has been in development allot longer and is ahead of oculus in various ways. At least according to what was released publicly by valve.

Any word about UE4 being compatible with HTC Vive/Steam VR?

**** I need a better video card… again.

I can only assume Epic know about these things well before they’re allowed to talk to us about it… even with the open GitHub repo there’s no reason they couldn’t already be working on a private branch parallel to the public one, to be merged after NDA lifts.

Here’s hoping Valve/HTC make dev kits as easily available as Oculus have: a few hundred dollars (vs the astronomically inflated price of console dev kits), and purchasable by anyone (not just studios etc).

no eye tracking :frowning:

it seems it has some inside out depth tracking which would solve a lot of things including potentially wide fov input.

Very interested to see it in action. I assume there is a UE4 integration waiting to be revealed ?:wink:

Great to see a potential competitor to Oculus, should speed things up in VR development.

I hope this moves VR up in Epic’s priority list :slight_smile:

I was able to try this today. First time i felt presence. Very cool & clever system.
Looking forward to developing for this HMD in UE4. :smiley:

Pros and Cons?

LightHouse system just worked; very detailed tracking of both HMD and Controllers
Somehow I did not notice screen-door effect; although I was aware that the resolution was still (relatively) low
First time my body reacted natural; I really had to “decide” to walk through a table
I tried other VR systems; I don’t get sick fast. But this was just much better; no rush to get the system off
It showed me; you do not need bleeding edge graphics; your brain tells you (in this case) this is an acceptable world
Controllers worked very good
Did not see flicker of screens or other hints that the frame-rate dropped

The weight should come down; but did not really bother me during play
Resolution should go up for reading and up close viewing
Controllers not wireless yet
Field of View (this is the big one for me)

I have been waiting for VR for a very long time :smiley:
…and in the last year testing the oculus and gear I thought; ok we are getting there…one day.
But after this demo; I am more confident it will happen much faster.
“…this is the iphone 1 …and now we are off to the races” :smiley:

HTC VIVE Developer Edition is going to be free.

BTW, Tim Sweeny confirmed in another post that Epic has been working with Valve and HTC to have UE4 integration right when the Vive Dev kits launch this spring.

could you share a link of the announcement?

Yep! Here you go.

This is amazing! :smiley:

My fear this HMD is that they will be letting major publishers access to the dev kit. These studios will then only be able to create “shorts”, which will not sell the headset.

Even though it is releasing this year, we won’t see major games for it for another 2 years, depending on ease of implementation.

Any idea of where to sign up for the chance for one of these free dev versions? I’d love to walk naturally around some of my environments. I have a nice and open basement to try it with too.

They’re probably only sending out free dev kits to well-known developers they can trust to crank out VR content.