[VIVE][Help] Regular xbox controller type set up for walking around on Vive Motion Controller ?

Hi Everyone,

So instead of teleporting around I want to be able to move around ( in room scale VR) with the motion controller like you can with an xbox controller.

Has anyone had any luck with this? Btw this is for a Room Scale set up.

Here’s how I’m attempting to set it up:

Input Settings


Pawn Input Settings


I’ve also got a test project file where I’m working on figuring this out if anyone has the time:


It’s just under 200 mb.

I did kind of have it working for a bit where the pawn responded to the motion controller but then would suddenly start drifting backwards and then just get stuck.

Right now I think it won’t respond at all. I’m trying to set up the left motion controller with this type of movement and I already have the right motion controller set to teleport.


Have a look at the First Person Template in 4.13 it works as you want using the motion controllers

Nope, that didn’t quite work. If I just use the controller to move around it appears to be good that is until you actually take a few steps in the real world. Then it just goes crazy and starts pulling the player character backwards.