Vive Height on Character / normalizing between rift

Hey there, I’m having a lot of trouble with cross compatibility from the Rift and Vive.

I’m working with someone who has a Vive, and I have a Rift. I can get the height right for me no matter what, and I have a branch so it can adjust it specifically for me.

But I just can’t get it to work for my partner. No matter what there’s a height problem. I’ve tried every variation of reseting tracking origin, not reseting it, different eye heights, different camera heights.

Either the position changes depending where he starts the game with his vive, or the height is wrong, or his floor bounds is wrong.

It’s just never right. I’ve literally copied and pasted the code from VR template and FPS template and it’s still wrong for him. I’m just using a standard character. I’ve tried every variation of the camera on a scene, on the root, on the floor. It never works. I’ve read and copied tons of pages from google about what to do. It’s never right. He can use old pawns though and it works for him. The old pawn wasn’t a character and was just a floating scene, we need it a character now.

Would someone mind telling me exactly what I need to do for the vive to get the proper height/tracking on a Character?

Also… I’d rather if I was normalizing the vive and the rift so they were exactly the same and I saw what he saw, rather than branching them and getting it right for the Rift but not the Vive. Is there a way to do that? the Templates use Reset tracking origin, but that doesn’t work for him (changes the height based on where he starts with his HMD)

I would suggest starting by verifying that the chaperone/guardian boundary bottom appears to be at the correct floor level on both.

IIRC reset tracking origin with the Vive should only be called with the Vive headset sat on the floor - same as during normal calibration.

Since you’re using a character, you have collisions so the character will rise up if standing on something when spawning. That could be part of the issue you’re seeing - roomscale space usually being much larger on Vive than Rift gives a lot more scope for starting standing on something.

I have no problems at all with the same code running on Vive and Rift and giving the correct height. There have been occasional problems with the height being wrong with Rift, requiring the Rift to be recalibrated. But that is it - and the Rift has been a lot more stable with recent runtime updates.

As I said to begin with, start by checking the chaperone/guardian boundary location on both. That is the fundamental tracking reference being shown in the world. Then work from there to isolate where you’re changing things.