VIVE headset + keyboard and mouse?

Kinda new to this area of the forums lol … kinda nice really …

anyways - im looking for a solution where a user would just use the headset, maybe in a sitting position (or whatever they feel like) and still use the keyboard and mouse functionality. Is there currently a solution for this? When i try and do it, it always picks up my vive controllers and tries to use those instead.

Essentially, im trying to get headset functionality with keeping the old “key and mouse” functionality. Possible?

Sorry the title looks a bit misleading.
should read “VIVE: headset + keyboard and mouse” that extra “-” makes it look minus the headset …

Make sure there are no motion controller components on your character and just handle the mouse and keyboard as normal.

There is an example with no controllers in the VR template, but I think you have to add mouse and keyboard yourself. (It is primarily intended for gaze based interaction.)