Vive Focus - Black/Pink Texture Renders

Issue: a few random asset or model in the game will randomly get its texture entirely blacked out, pinked out, or sometimes even get its texture replaced with a random asset in the project when launching or packaging on the Vive Focus.

Extra Info:
A few observations we’ve made or experiments we’ve already tried doing from our side are:

• Confirmed that every model or asset except the ground can experience the issue.

• Sometimes the issue models will seemingly appear to look okay, until they approach the player and they slowly become black/pink.

• The object(s) that present the issue are the same across game instances. However, if you reinstall the same packaged build to the device after removing it from the HTC Focus headset, a new set of objects randomly present the issue

• Within the same build, the Oculus Go does not present the same issue.

• We’ve confirmed that the issue happens on blank 4.20.0 and 4.20.3 unreal vr template project.

• The Wave SDK plugin is strictly supported on unreal 4.20 according to Wave Unreal SDK — Wave VR 4.3.0 documentation

• In a conversation with HTC Vive’s development head, they confirmed that Unity had a similar issue and that it can be resolved with a few check boxes. We’ve already tried messing around with the Unreal checkbox equivalents

o Enable 32bit buffer

o Disable Depth and Stencil Buffer

I have posted a dropbox link to the video with the issue with comments on the proper timing of when the issue occurs. Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated!

Hi!!! Have same issue. Did you find any soluton?

We are also on the Vive Focus and Texture Streaming was the cause for the black that would occur on random objects. Once we disabled that feature in the project settings we were good to go.

Interesting, we’ve actually thought we resolved the issue when we upgraded to4.21 from 4.20. But maybe that’s because we turned off texture streaming in the process… Hmm… Will look further into when I’m given the chance. Thank you for sharing your experience!