Vive Focus 3 hand tracking for PC streaming

I’m currently attempting to get hand tracking working on a PC app that is using the Vive Business Streaming app for the Vive Focus 3 using Unreal engine 5.0.3. However, after following all of the documentation and trying the sample project for hand tracking, I’m still not seeing any hand pose data come through the GetMotionControllerData blueprint function. I’ve tried this with UE4.27.2 and UE5.0.3. Also, the VR headset is only recognised for a VR preview when enabling SteamVR. According to the documentation, SteamVR should be disabled for OpenXR to work!

Also, when I package a project leaving out the SteamVR plugin from the app package, VR is not recognised and the app just runs as a desktop app. How can I run a VR app on the PC with the Business Streaming but without the SteamVR plugin?

It seems to me that the hand tracking is not implemented for OpenXR via the Vive streaming app. Anyone have any answers?

Did you download and install the Wave OpenXR Plugin?

Hi VictorLerp, yes, that’s installed. Currently the only hand tracking data I receive is coming from the SteamVR functions. I’d like to get the OpenXR version working.

There’s no specific implementation on our end for their device, so I’d suggest you try HTC’s forums. However, to use the Wave OpenXR plugin, the SteamVR plugin has to be disabled, the OpenXR plugin enabled, and the OpenXRHandTracking plugin has to be enabled for Hand Tracking to work with OpenXR.

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