Vive Eyes displacements

I’m experiencing terrible behavior of vive inside unreal engine in vr preview mode. I’m turning on my vive, streamVr, then opening unreal engine, making new vr template project. Then I selected vr preview, in my vive headset I can see everything fine, just my hands are attached to my base stations or laying on the ground (not attached to controllers), so I can’t move by using controllers, visuals are all fine. BUT, then I click ESC on keyboard and start again my visuals are terrible, each eye shows different images, looks like each eye is looking in the different direction, sometimes (one out of ten times) my controllers are working, but mostly not. And to fix visual problems I need to restart vive htc headset, but it always works one time until I press ESC button. I don’t know what to do. Maybe someone can give me some advice?

Pressing Esc to exit the game doesn’t work any more, I think you need to press Alt+V now. Should solve your problem I think.

I have tried Alt+V it also doesn’t work, actually Alt+V doesn’t do anything