VIVE Emulation on Cardboard - Testing On The Super Cheap

Hallo All :slight_smile:
Forgot to share this on the forums so here it is. If anyone needs to do zero budget testing of VIVE. Well its a trick, its not pretty, but there it is.

Unreal Engine VR to VRidge to Steam HTC Vive to Cardboard

I’d love to test this out, but the cardboard viewer I have is atrocious. I get a headache immediately and get cross eyed after using it.
Does anyone have any recommendations on a good viewer?

I have a standard google cardboard

as well as a Powis

I have the Powis version 1.0. I think 2.0 has a better viewing angle…maybe lol. The head piece is pretty comfy and the lenses are adjustable wich is nice.

couple that with these cheapy head straps

and you might be shiney.