Vive display issues in Unreal editor

We are currently have an unsolvable problem is the graphic has a very strong distortion while wearing the HTC VIVE and running VR preview in UE4. Although someone said this issue might be our hardware is not good enough, but our workstation has 6 cores Xeon CPU and GTX 980 ti GPU, RAM is 32GB, so I disagree with this kind of proposal .BTW, while we wearing Oculus, that is no anything wrong for display.

Here I posted screenshot here, which can show what problem we are having right now, I hope anyone can give a g hand and give us a right guideline, solve this problem asap. Because we’ll have a series important demo speech in next week, thank you so much.

Is your camera field of view wrong? With the Vive the camera component should have its field of view set to 90. Your hardware is more than good enough.

I just noticed that setting the screen percentage to something funny can have this effect. (in a post process volume->misc->screen percentage)

I have seen this aswell after changing the screenpercentage but only on glassmaterial. Would be very interesting to know what is causing it.