VIVE COSMOS Motion Controller Aim not working

I’m working on a VR project starting from the Game\Virtual Reality template.

Everything is fine with my Oculus Rift S, but now I’m testing my client’s Vive Cosmos, so I need to get it working.

Binding Action Mappings and Axis Mappings is ok, I managed every Cosmos button to work properly. When I start playing, the headset and the controllers work fine, like my Oculus.

I just can’t get to work the teleport and the widget menu that appears on the hand.

The widget appears not on my hand, but instead it spawns at my feet. Same for the teleport circle: it spawns at my feet and there’s no way to get it moving from there. It seems like the MotionController components with Motion Source “RightAim” or “LeftAim” are not working properly.

Any help would be appreciated!

The RightAim and LeftAim motion sources only work with the OpenXR plugin. Make sure the OpenXR plugin is the active one. It should show which one is active in window title bar of the VR preview.

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Thanks, I would have never noticed that!