vive cosmos keybindings in UE4


Just got my cosmos and tried to import a sketchup scene into UE4.23 for a VR environment. Then I found out that most of the controller buttons are not working except grabbing.

After doing some research I installed STEAM VR (1.13.10) and tried to emulate the keybindings from that of the viveport, FNV mask and etc, then I realized that on the keybinding sheet for my UE4 project, there’s only a few options available for emulating cosmos actions. For example in the joystick section, .for FNV the joystick points is divide into 4 direction, with each directon there’s an assigned key, but none of those can be found on the sketchup scene

Could someone please point me in right direction on how to put cosmos properly for the . I’m pretty new to UE4 so any comments are welcome!



Hi, did you have any luck with the latest updates (4.26?)
I just bought a second hand cosmos and many of the bindings are not working, despite working in other applications.
I’m wondering if i need to reinstall unreal engine, or steamvr.