Vive Controller unwanted offset

Hello there.
I have been struggling for two days with a problem I really can’t seem to solve.
I have a VR setup on unreal engine combining a first person view and a VR solution. All seemed to work till recently were I seem to have an unwanted offset on both controls

As seen on the screenshot my widget interaction here is offseted compared to my motion controller which seems weird since the static mesh has no local offset nor the laser.

Weirdest again is that if I try to trace from the controller I obtain the same offset :

I tried a lot of things (deleting all of the character components except the controllers, setting everything no collision etc. Nothing seems to fix this issue.
Also If I go to the steam menu while in vr i see the interaction widget in transparence which is at the perfect position for the steam menu’s controllers.
This is all very weird and I am really stuck here if someone could help me out.
ps: bug is still here in 4.19.

Thanks a bunch !

Bumping this cause I can’t get it near a working state