[VIVE] Confused how to setup Level Streaming with VR

How do you guys setup streaming levels with VR using the Motion Controllers?

ie if I start a new VR template, duplicate the “MotionControllerMap” three times and call them “000”, “001”, “002” where “000” will be my Persistent Level. I then add “001” and “002” in the Levels window and move their contents along the x-axis away from where the “000” level is. I then remove level “000”'s walls so I can see “001” and “002” appear when I add a begin and end overlap trigger in “000”.

But when I go to preview my VR i can’t teleport anywhere and my blue teleport line is extremely short.

Am I missing something in my setup? Is there a tutorial out there that could help me in this setup (I can only find streaming level tutorials for non VR setups).

Thanks in advance.

Solved here [VIVE] Confused how to setup Level Streaming with VR - XR Development - Unreal Engine Forums