Vive Climbing template

HTC Vive Climbing Template

Here is a climbing mode added to the default Unreal VR template. Download link below. Its a small file size only 12 MB. You use the motion controls to climb. Feel free to add and amend this template. The only thing I’ll ask is that if you can share any additions you make with the rest of the community.

You press the right or left trigger to climb. At the moment there is no gravity to the player so if you let go you won’t fall to the ground. I’ll have a go over the next few days at adding some kind of falling mechanism if the player lets go.

All thanks must go to Void Interactive who was kind enough to share the blueprints for this template. You can see their video below.


Thank you to show and overall to SHARE it!

Thank you this is exactly what I was look for. :slight_smile:

Added gravity to the player by using mordentral VR (OpenVR) Expansion Plugin. All I did was add the VRCharacter Parent class to the Pawn in the above template.

There was an issue at first where the plugin was causing the pawn to judder a lot when you tried to climb so I added the code below to fix that to both the grableft and grabright.

So i’m looking at the template to see if I can get climbing in my game.
I’ve seen the blueprint for climbing in the motion controller pawn, but is there anymore to it then just that. I looked in the blueprint for the blocks and found nothing so I’m not sure how they got like that

Very cool that this was figured out!

I recall there being a question mid December about this, glad to see it being shared.

how can I do it

How Can I do it VrMovementReference?


You probably already figured it out, but in case you or someone else hasn’t…

Once you install the VRExpansionPlugin, you will be able to access that VRMovementReference in any of its VR Character types.

Is it possible to move this to the default vr template?

Did you ever figure out how to add climbing to other objects?

Thank you dude!

Hey, the downloaded project doesn’t seem to have the zipline component, which is the part I am the most interested in. Is there something I am missing? Thanks for the upload, in any case!

Hi.I added the project VRExpansionPlugin. tcla75 user-share image Set Movoment Mode I can’t figure out how to get the target.

Hey, this is awesome! I just got this working (minus the gravity). I have many interactive objects in my level, and unfortunately, it now simulates climbing on all the interactive objects. How can I make it so I only climb the “BP_Climbable” objects?

It’s really useful ! Thx !

How can I use it without gravity for space locomotion simulation??? thanks!!