VisualLogger undefined type and undeclared identifier

Hi everybody! I’m learning how to use the VisualLogger, following this tutorial, but when I compile it gives me some errors such as undefined type FVisualLogEntry and FVisualLogStatusCategory : undeclared identifier, why does it happen? I write here my code:

void AMainCharacter::GrabDebugSnapshot(FVisualLogEntry* Snapshot) const {

	const int32 catIndex = Snapshot->Status.AddZeroed();

	FVisualLogStatusCategory& PlaceableCategory = Snapshot->Status[CatIndex];

	PlaceableCategory.Category = TEXT("GDC Sample");

	PlaceableCategory.Add(TEXT("Projectile Class"), ProjectileClass != nullptr ? ProjectileClass->GetName() : TEXT("None"));

Did you include the VisualLogger header?
#include “VisualLogger.h”