Visualization (Engine and Play) Error

When I’m looking my project from some angles, or when I put it to run, sometimes these blocks appears at the screen.
Error Unreal Engine 4.jpg
Error Unreal Engine 4 - 2.jpg
Error Unreal Engine 4 - 3.jpg

Any glue of what is happening?

Looks like a video card issue. What kind of card are you using? Also, have you updated your drivers? Do you have any other applications running?

I had other applications running, but I never had this issue with another application.

My card is the Radeon HD7950. I’ll try to update my driver and keep an eye on it…

thanks a lot!

Hi Khel,

This does look like a video card issue. I’ve seen people having this same problem on the AnswerHub a few times. Usually updating the graphics card drivers will help.

If you’re still having the issue be sure to post this in the “bugs” section of the AnswerHub and we’ll look into it further. You’ll get a quicker response for this issue on the AnswerHub.

Thank you!