Visualising maths

Maths is a huge part of shader development. I often have to visualise transformations of colour data in my head or I don’t know what I’m doing. page demonstrates some visualisations of common functions:

I think the most useful are these two:

Sin vs Cos:

Tan, otherwise known as ease-in-ease-out:

Thank you for the link! I am a much better “visual” learner, always have been, so webpage is a big help to allow me wrap my brain around how these functions actually work!! :smiley:
I have bookmarked the page for the inevitable times in the future where my brain will cease to function properly. :eek: Thanks!

Nice stuff, kudos for sharing!

I knew one at some level but seeing gif inspired me to actually use it to create interesting paths for enemies/projectiles. :slight_smile:

Thanks for these, checking out the link now!

EDIT: Also, I wish Animated PNGs would take over for GIFs. Those gifs look bad on the forum’s dark theme.

Love sort of thing - understanding math visually is far easier for me.

@ - agreed about animated PNGs. Sucks that more browsers don’t support it.

Visual is much easier for me as well!

site is a **fantastic **tool for visualizing math using graphs (it’s totally free, too):