Visual Studio Solution Configurations

I was hoping that someone could help me understand the difference between “Development” and 'Development Editor" in the Visual Studio Solution Configurations. There is a partial explanation here:

but it doesn’t explain the difference between the two that I’m interested in. Thanks.


The one builds and launches the game standalone, the other builds and launches the UnrealEditor

Will code changes that I make in both of these show up in the editor?

I have not tried that, but, no, I would not expect it. The editor configuration creates a dll, that is loaded by the editor, the standalone configuration creates a exe.

OK, thanks. If you want to submit that as an answer, I will accept it. Thanks again for your help.


  • Builds a standalone executable (exe) of the game
  • Clicking the debug button or hitting F5 starts the game stand alone
  • When this is beeing compiled, the Editor will not notice the changes (no hot-reload)


  • Builds a dll of the game, that can be loaded by the UnrealEditor
  • Clicking the debug butto or hitting F5 starts the UnrealEditor with the game project
  • When this is beeing compiled, the Editor will hot-reload the new dll (most of the time this works)

Thanks very much for your help.