Visual Studio not found

I recently installed UE4 after installing visual studio 2017. I installed pretty much every single box on the visual studio installation but for some reason whenever I open UE4 and try switching to C++ it says that I need to install visual studio to use it. Already tried uninstalling UE4 and installing again and restarting my computer, can’t find solutions anywhere on the internet.

Have you gone through these docs?
read this Setting Up Visual Studio for Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

and then this UnrealVS Extension | Unreal Engine Documentation

Yes, I did install C++ in visual studio installer including the UE4 installer and lots of additional boxes. I just tried installing the UnrealVS extension and it appears on VS but whenever I open UE4 and select C++ tab it still says that that no compiler was found

int Engine/Config check in Window/WindowsEngine.ini check if you have a category [/Script/SourceCodeAccess.SourceCodeAccessSettings] if so just delete this line and the PreferredAccessor= line. You can also check the BaseEngine.ini in the Config folder.

Can’t find any of those lines in both files

Have you tried starting a BP project, and change the preferred source code settings there.
Editor Preferences → General → Source Code → Source Code Editor
then you could see if that project will power up VS.

Just did it, changed the preferred source code to Visual Studio 2017 but still when I try to create a new C++ class it says that no compiler was found (check the screenshot above for reference)

Real anomaly.

hey guys did any of you manage to find a solution about this issue ?